Kingdom for Padshop 2 license key not accepted

I purcased the Kingdom sound set for Padshop 2, and the license key I received is not accepted by the eLicenser.
The license key on the downloads page has 25 characters, and all the other products have 32 characters.
The eLicenser has space for 32 characters, and when I paste in my Kingdom activation code, it fills in the first 25 characters, but leaves x’s in the remaining places, and fails to accept my key with an error message saying me eLicenser version is too old and I should download the latest version of the software at
I go to that site, download the software, and when I try to install it, I get an error message that there is a newer version already installed and cancels the installation.
I suspected that this is an April Fools joke except that it’s October (it is Halloween night however!).