Kirnu Cream & Arpeggiator Timing Issues.. Solved..

A very long story short…
I Love Kirnu Cream but have had nightmares with the clock… I tried everything… and I mean EVRYTHING…

Anyway… on the midi track or instrument that Kirnu is controlling/sending to.
Go to midi inserts.
Insert a Midi Modifier in the top slot.
Set delay at the bottom to -6ms

Done… I hope this save at least one person the pain I went through lol

It’s working to the point where I can happily use Cream with external synths too and the timimg is not too shabby.

Also Arturia Spark 2 set the track delay at the top to -112 and this clears up all timimg issues with the sequencer.

I’ve just been trying Cream…features seems nice but timing is all over the shop. Honestly, i can’t be using something that is so dodgy straight out of the gate!

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