Kiss and Say Goodnight

This song came out kind of sounding like the theme to a 70’s Show.

I played all of the parts except the drums.

I’m not a keyboard players so this took a long time to one or two finger the organ parts.
Used Native instruments B4 for keys and bass.
Trombone patch is from sampletank.

Nice! Smooth as silk - the mix sounds just right. Yeah, I see what you mean about it fitting in as a 70’s tv theme - this
reminds me a bit of the Odd Couple theme.

RIP Jack Klugman.

Very nice! Too short though. Give us a guitar solo on that strat!

Nice. Well mixed. :sunglasses:

not my kinda stuff but veeery cool indeed…nice clean production, something I keep trying to get and failing huge…Kevin

Cool track. I really love the tone of that guitar, what’s the chain look like?

Thanks for your comments.

All guitars are a strat directly into a Goodsell Super 17 amp mic’d with a 57 into mr816x. Cubase 5.2.

Perfect again :slight_smile: great melody!

Great stuff, fun to listen to


I love that ending! Very tasty.

Cool little tune. Totally hear the TV theme/intro vibe, especially with the end chord xD Good stuff.


You have a good foundation for becoming quite a good arranger (ie. you have totally got the knack with the basics which too many people completely MISS !!). Now all you need to do is to expand on what you already know.

You have chosen your Instrumentation very well !! If i was to add anything (not that it needs it) i would use Vibraphone somewhere. For instance, if i wanted to EXTEND the piece i would add a ‘Solo Section’ and have Vibes being the featured instrument.

i like the solo trombone on the counter-melody (ie. rather that having 2 x horns playing in 2-part). i think the Trombone could be used on the melody-line in the B Section (say, instead of the Guitar). Then the Guitar can be TACET for 8 x bars (nothing wrong with the odd 8 x bar Tacet !!!).

i only had one quick listen and i think the last chord was Supertonic (chord) over Tonic (in bass). Might sound a bit ‘richer’ if you make this a Mixolydian Augmented chord. Don’t know your KEY, but if the last chord is a C Triad over a Bb Bass in the Key of Bb Major, then make it Bb13(#11) chord instead !! Up to you though of course.

Not sure about the title !! i might have gone for ‘Say It With A Kiss’ or (as your composition lends itself towards) ‘Goodnight From Broadway’.

Nice piece, as its my type my music !!!



Yes, quite. And it also reminds me of

Wonderful little track! I agree that it has a “theme song” vibe to it, but it easily :sunglasses: could work on a modern show I think