KK 61 Mk II Pitch/mod wheels not having any effect on VSTi's in Cubase, but ARE sending MIDI Data

I’m having great difficulty getting ANY VSTi to respond to the pitch and mod wheels on my Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk II keyboard. And why am I not posting this in the NI forum? Basically it can’t be anything wrong with the keyboard, for two reasons. First, the standalone version of Komplete Kontrol and my plugins such as the Korg Triton synth, visibly and audibly respond to pitch bend and modulation. The keyboard’s joystick on screen, actually moves and the pitch changes etc. However when running either Komplete Kontrol or such plugins as the Triton, from inside Cubase, I have no control over the pitch etc, except with the mouse, so I know it works “really” and there must be some secret setting I am missing. Second, the midi IN lights up on the Cubase transport panel every time I move the wheels. But nothing changes in the sound and the graphics don’t show a moving joystick like when its in standalone mode, except when using the mouse. Now I am no genius but I have now tried every obvious, present, and known parameter changes in ALL of Cubase and Komplete Kontrol’s settings, and it still doesn’t respond. Strangely if I leave the standalone version running and then load a mimic of it in Cubase and use the pitch wheel, I can hear two identical instruments, one with the pitch bending, and one in Cubase NOT bending! I mean, what’s going on here??!!!

I just want to know if I should buy a new keyboard. (I shouldn’t have to !) My second question is that I read somewhere that if I use the keyboard without its mapping abilities etc, I can use it as a standalone but would need to purchase a power adaptor (this is as a last resort) from NI. Would I still have the NI plugins in tact? I don’t use the control knobs much at all, so this might fix the problem of the dysfunctional wheels. But I want to be able to load Kontakt, other synths etc even if I’m not mapped to them. But ideally this issue shouldn’t need such a drastic fix!!

Any ideas or anything I might have missed ?

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer


the first idea is to see which MIDI data Cubase receives from your Kontrol keyboard.
Create an empty MIDI track ((not Instrument, just MIDI), start to record and move the Modulation wheel first and then afterwards the Pitch Bend. Stop recording.

Have a look at the MIDI data (do you know how to do this?) and let us know.

Apart from pitch bend and mod wheel, do plugins respond to other MIDI CC?

Hi. I just tested out a MIDI track and despite midi activity being recognised at the bottom of the screen the track recorded absolutely nothing. No data, and no flashing lights next to the track when I moved the wheels.

Does that apply only to the Mod wheel and Pitch Bend or also to the keys of the keyboard?

Just tested it using the keys. It’s very strange. No Midi data. But have definitely recorded midi before using instruments. Flashing light left of the track, but not when recording, only when stopped.

Ok, please make sure the MIDI input of the MIDI track is set to “All MIDI Inputs”.

Then go to menu Studio → Studio Setup. There select “MIDI Port Setup” on the left. On the right you will see all your MIDI ports that are installed in the system. Make sure your Kontrol shows up there and make sure its entry is checked in the column “In All MIDI Inputs”

Yeah I’ve checked that all out several times. I have “all midi inputs” selected, and all of my inputs are in “All Midi Inputs”. Like I say I’ve tried every setting I can find in Cubase. It is working fine with instrument tracks, at least it was earlier! But it’s the wheels I find most perplexing.

Okay, just want to check from the beginning.
I guess you have activated Kontrol as a MIDI Remote and that Pitch Bend and Mod Wheel are somehow assigned and therefore don’t reach the MIDI track anymore.

Hi. Sorry for delayed reply, I had to sleep… Yes I checked and the KK is definitely set up as a MIDI Remote .

The little box under some other midi filter settings in preferences, that enables the pitch bend, is also ticked. I will try playing with those settings and get back to you. The thing I find most strange is why it works in the standalone version but not in Cubase.

OK so I have got the pitch bend working but no mod wheel! So halfway there! Here’s how I did it: Preferences, MIDI, MIDI Filter, UNchecked “pitchbend” from the MIDI THRU box. But no obvious or similar way to get the mod wheel or ribbon to work. I hope I’ve not wasted anyone’s time here on the forum but sometimes it’s easy to miss something, in any case you would expect the MIDI box showing TICKED “pitchbend” to be confirmation enough that I had the correct settings. Oh well at least I know it will most likely be yet another setting for the mod wheel etc. Not sure where though… again, any suggestions welcome.

I can see where it has the option for “CC1 Modulation” but adding or removing this from the list has no effect. I must be missing something really simple…

EDIT: I have tried ticking / unticking the boxes on the far left of the screen which correspond to the settings of my test MIDI track, to enable things like pitch bend (which has its own name, not a CC) and CC1 Modulation etc but this has had no effect. In fact the Pitchbend wasn’t even ticked but works nevertheless.

Do you mean this filter?

Just untick everything.

PitchBend is its own type of MIDI message while Modulation is one of 128 MIDI Controller messages so it falls in the category “Controller”.

Can you post a screenshot of the lower zone with MIDI Remote displayed like this?

I unticked everything. Now the ribbon controller seems to control volume in some way, not bothering with that and moving onto the mod wheel which is still not working. I must admit I have no idea how to get a screenshot of the view you posted of the lower half of the screen, today for some reason I don’t even have a lower “half” to my screen so not sure where to go from here. The alterations I was trying to make were in the inspector, and then under note expression, this has not helped so far. Strangely when I disabled all the tick boxes in MIDI Filter as you suggested, I got no sound at all from the keyboard but it seems to be OK now. Maybe it reset the volume to 0 initially and I had to turn it up on the ribbon. But I ned to assign mod wheel.

I realise I am not a fast learner! I now have the lower zone. Just not sure how to display the MIDI remote like you have. On the furthest right I have Chord Pads. Will update with any further progress.

How do I get the midi remote to display like that?