Klanghaus & Cubase 7.5

Hey guys,

I just purchased & installed Klanghaus as VST Sound Loop set, but I am unable find it in MediaBay as it should.

I’m not sure if it’s compatible with Cubase 7.5 :

Sound Loops Sets are compatible with Sequel 2/Sequel LE 2 or higher, Sequel LE Campus, Cubase 4.5/Cubase Studio 4.5/Cubase Essential 4.5 or higher, Cubase 6/Cubase Artist 6/Cubase Elements 6/Cubase LE 6/Cubase AI 6 or higher and Nuendo 4.3. or higher. Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later versions or Windows XP servicepack 3 and later versions.

Can someone confrim please, or point me into the right direction? :slight_smile:


mm, i dont know it, but,

do a search on your pc for *.vstsound
this will find the folder where your other vstsound files are. copy the klanghaus one into there.
if you have moved your regular vstsounds to another folder already, you should have shortcuts to the files in the original folder. dont forget to make another shortcut for the klanghaus one as well.
-also, do you need to register it on your dongle?