Klarinette (H Be)

Same here: Started a new project using the predefined “Modernes Orchester” template, and in the full score, the systems are labeled correctly (Klarinette in B), but the setup menu shows the annoying “H Be” non-translations, and, more frustratingly, the parts show these names as well :frowning:

Also, strangely, even if I set the option "use English names (Bb/B), the full score remains correct.

Somehow, there is a disconnect between the settings and the visible results.

I have read the release notes (p. 77 ff.) several times and tried all the options, and it still doesn’t work (except for manually changing all the names) for new projects created when everything is set to German.

Sometimes, the instrument picker offers “Klarinette / B”, and the resulting layout is named “Klarinette (H Be)”, at other times, the instrument picker offers “Klarinette / H Be”, and the resulting layout is named “Klarinette (B)”. This is all extremely confusing.

I will come back around to this as soon as the dust has settled. If there are any remaining bugs in this area, which is certainly possible, I will make sure they get addressed.

Please have patience. You can possibly tell that there’s quite a lot happening today, and if not, please allow me to tell you: there is!


I absolutely understand that there are many other (and more important) issues that need to be addressed first, and I’m not in any hurry here (I have been patient since April 2018 when I wrote the first forum post about this problem in Dorico 1).

Hi, Daniel.

Just wanted to note that everything I add here is meant to provide additional (and hopefully helpful) information to you and your team. It’s not a matter of urgency whatsoever. I’m very aware that you do have other priorities on days like this one :slight_smile:

Antonio, from a logical point of view, what does „in Bb“ mean? It would mean half a tone beyond a „B“ - which is the German name for a B-flat.
So you would end up with an A…
Better would be „in B“ - because it would be correct.

k_b, in English instrument names, “Bb” is the correct form.

Yes, but it is not correct for german instrument names.

You may have overlooked it, but Antonio_E, who you were answering to, was specifically setting instrument names to English, therefore expecting them to read “in Bb”. :wink:

Yes you are right.
There is a new problem turning up, some people would prefer to use german instrument names and english note names. Now that is confusing - and I don’t see, how a software should be able to solve this.

Well, given the options Dorico currently provides, this would already be perfectly doable:
Set “Instrument names” to “German” => “Klarinette”
Set “Notennamen in deutschen Instrumentnamen” to “Englisch (Bb / B)” => “B” instead of “H”
Set “Vorzeichen in …” to “Notensymbol verwenden” => “Bb”

The only thing is that it seems to be a tiny bug that Dorico does not respect the second option correctly when Dorico is itself set to run in German.
But, generally speaking, all the options Dorico now provides would perfectly allow for the request to combine German instrument names with English indications of transposition. :slight_smile:


my guess is, there is a function under the hood, where displaying transposed view or concert view might use some of the information stored here. That’s why it has to follow a logic. Or needs additional programming for these cases…

It’s nitpicking, I know, but there doesn’t exist anything like Bb in German (“Bes??”). It’s only an English term meaning indeed B in German. What you are referring to is called Heses, which is a “double-down-altered” H :wink:

Eddo, we know. And we already established this. Please read the whole thread :wink:

Estigy Hello,
I did indeed read the thread in its entirety and was referring to k_b’s answer to Antonio_E :wink:

Unfortunately, the switching in the display of the instruments does not work as planned. Do I have a wrong setting ?
Bb or B

Thanks… a great update !!!
Windows 10

(I moved your post here @Eggi to avoid duplicating the same issues over and over in separate threads.)

Hey pietzcker,
Its labelled correctly as u already said in full score. But if u use the default token in the parts it’s the player name not the instrument name. In that Case check which token it’s using :blush:

I cannot confirm on Mac:

I have a completely different issue here though: I cannot get “Trompete in Bb”, only “Trompete in B♭”

“Notennamen in Deutschen Instrumentennamen” does not have any effect at all when changed.

Only, when I change the second to last option to “Notensymbol verwenden” does it actually work (Horn now correctly showing B instead of H, but Trumpet and Clarinet showing B♭, instead of Bb"

I have the same problem it doesnt work in instrument part