KM script for upbow/downbow?

Would anyone kindly be able to provide me with a Keyboard Maestro script for upbow and downbow?

I’d like to assign them to cmd-shift-D and cmd-shift-U.

This is for one of my players who is helping provide bowings. I’ve made an AHK for it, but she’s on a Mac, and I don’t have a way to provide her with the script.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Dan,
Here are two macros I just wrote in KM, hope it helps !
Maybe your friend will have to add some action timeouts between some actions (like shift-p and text input), but I tested it on a real file and it worked for me.
I will not use them since it’s so easy with the stream deck now, but take this as a natural reward for sharing your SD icons !
N.B. do not unzip, just get rid of .zip at the end of the name !
Upbow and Downbow (8.12 KB)

Thank you Marc!!

Dear Dan,
She might need to change the first setting in the macro. This is where I tell KM when the macro will be active, i.e. when Dorico 2 is active. It will probably require that she enters her own path for Dorico Elements. This should be quite easy to do but tell me if you need detailed explanations for that.