Knifonium vst3 - CPU spikes

HI All , has anyone used or own the Knifonium vst3 ? I have a trial version and it sounds amazing , but I am finding even with just 1 inserted and not even playing a note I am getting big CPU spikes . seems odd

I use it, and I love how it sounds. But it is extremely CPU-hungry. So I just freeze the tracks right after I recorded them to keep my overall project glitch free.

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Yes. It’s fine now I’ve got my i9 3900K rig. But previously the old i7 was getting hammered by it.

Just realised the video was locked. If you have a look now, I’ll see what I’m saying the CPU ia spiking with no playing, it doesn’t seem to be related to any preset.

My M2 mac handle this Vi with ease but with a large 500 + track project this could really add over head