Knobman Knobs and Sliders

Ive just dived into the macro system in Halion 6 and managed to understand it so far, however i have a set of knobs and faders i created in Knobman each with about 127 frames to match the typical 127 units from midi, however i am having no luck getting the faders to work.

is there dimension limit or something im not aware of?

the manual is a little vague on this


It looks like the sliders are being handled in a different way than knobs. Drag a slider from Anima onto the canvas and check the resources tab. So you need a one picture (bitmap) for the slider handle and one for the rest of the slider. Which is just a background picture on top of which the slider handle moves up and down.

Hi yish30067,

like mishiza pointed out, we have chosen a nother way to build the sliders on our macro pages, mainly because
sliders tend to be much larger than knobs and therefore require more steps to create smooth animations, which ends up in quite large graphic files. So using a background bitmap and a handle bitmap is much more efficient, and if you prepare the template well, you can even scale this sliders easily, which is not so easy with animations.
However, you can also use an animation for sliders. Just assign you animation to the “Background” bitmap field,
set the Style to vertical or horizontal and that’s it.
I will check if the manual is too vague on this and add some information if so.

LOL, I completely forgot i posted this question. The single background/cap way is much easier and i will gladly work that way instead.