knobs in effects inserts don't work

I don’t know why but when i insert any of cubase’s effects i can’t move any of the knobs. Normally if you drag your mouse up or down it turns the knob but for some reason it’s not working. I looked in preferences and found ‘editing controls’ and there is a ‘knob mode’ box which had ‘linear’ selected. I changed it to ‘circular’ and then tried moving the effects knobs. The knobs move but still not properly. The knob only moves once when i click on the mouse and let go but if i click and hold the mouse button and drag then nothing happens and the knob doesn’t move. I tried the other two settings in editing controls in preferences - relative circular and linear but the knob doesn’t move on these settings.

Do you use automap?

Yes i use automap and it works fine with my keyboard controller but it’s just when using the mouse that it doesn’t work properly.

Switch Off “Follow Focus” in Automap server

There is no ‘follow focus’ in the automap server.

So i take it as no one has replied that there isn’t a solution to this. Guess i’ll just have to use my midi controller all the time then.

Hi, try holding down your ALT key while dragging your mouse.

Hey mate, if you haven’t worked this out yet, I just came past the same problem. Cubase was working fine, then I installed automap 4.7 and the Cubase vsts effect knobs don’t turn with the mouse.

go to automap server, and uncheck “FOLLOW ON SCREEN PLUG-IN WHERE POSSIBLE”.

works fine for me now.

HEY BIG THANKS for that info!

I never realized it was the automap update that messed it up. How did you ever find out the solution?

Thanks again.