Knobs precision

how to make precise changes with knobs and faders?
Retrologue amplifier’s envelope, the attack fader switches from 0 to 2 to 5 to 8 (ms)…
How to have the intermediate steps, 1 ms for example, without assigning the fader to automation track?
Thanks anybody.

Certainly by using the modifier key, which is probably even the same as the standard Cubase key: [Alt] or [Shift] or [Strg] don´t remember wfich one atm.

Don´t post the same threads in multiple forums :imp:

Hi Svennilenni,
thanks for your answer but it’s not the solution. I already tried that.
I didn’t ask the same thing in multiple forums, questions are different…

Same question!
And btw.: same answer, so

You must be doing something wrong if it works for others else but not you…