"Knowledge 80"

Hi guys,
voilà a little 2k/80ies instrumental cinematic moment:


Your thoughts/answers/opinions are - as always - precious! :wink:
Have a nice musical day. :slight_smile:

Dear Lord,
It sounds great. It’s not much to go on; maybe that’s why others haven’t commented yet. But it’s quite a pro sounding thing.

Tbh, I personally stop bothering replying to people that repeatedly only ever post and comment on their own stuff and don’t bother to engage with the community in return. Demand bj’s from your girl without giving anything in return and she’ll sharp get bored, I presume. :smiley: I usually check Kevin’s posts first out of respect for the time that he’s given me from his own. This is also probably why no one really replies to that 4Diamand guy that dumps his own stuff without a word to anyone else.

Little off-topic but you should post some shit too Early, I recall really enjoying a track about wine from you. :sunglasses:

Are you serious? :open_mouth:
Are you sure I post only my music in this forum?
Thanks for your reply, anyway. Very useful.

that normal isnt it :laughing: there should be some kind of courtesy (help)(reminder) guide lines , in the form of a Sticky at the Head of this particular forum.

Good one polgara. :smiling_imp: I’d ask ‘sticky’ with what, but that might breach the forum rules. ;p Evidently pretty normal as you say since girls tend to say how selfish guys usually are with them, which isn’t surprising given how so stereotypically ‘lads’ my mates are.

I can only speak for myself, though it’s fact that humans favour beneficial or mutually beneficial arrangements. Giving my time to those that give others/me their time is simply mutually beneficial, both parties benefit.

It’s no big deal so don’t take it as anything personal mate, just submitting to Early that it’s probably more to do with courtesy than a lack of content. :stuck_out_tongue: Post history is visible to everyone btw, takes all but 20 secs to see you’ve never once posted any comment on anyone elses thread. :sunglasses:

Indeed, it easy to check. So, you read my post in other threads, even if not specifically in “made with steinberg”, right? :wink:
So, I could understand this kind of post if I had written something like “Anyone?” or “bump” or if I had complained about the lack of responses. :unamused:
So, again, what’s exactly the value of your replies? :confused:

My reply was to Early, adding that people’s lack of commenting may well be because they’d noticed that you never ever bother to comment on theirs/others. It just happens to be in your thread, though it was a reply to something Early said, not yourself.

I feel like we have a language barrier here where very simple sentences are not being received properly on your end so I have nothing left to say. As I said, do not take my reply to Early speculating on the lack of comments thing personally.Peace, bro.

Well, it’s not because I’m holding stuff back… haven’t finished anything in a long while. I have one I will post soon, I hope!