(KNOWN ISSUE) 7.03 mixer fader issue hoping to get resolved

I have many issues with the 7.03 mixer. But this one really boggles me. Is this happening to anyone else?

The mouse gets stuck in resize mode and wont move any faders. Just me?

Besides the Mixers and the Channel Rack Configuration and Workspaces being very poorly coordinated (I can’t seem to ever get the mixers to look the same after saving channel racks and workspaces) This one stops the show. WTF???

Known issue.

Thanks. I only got this fader resizing thing at the end of my second session today.

Close and open that MC.

Thank you.

I’ll give 7.03 till the end of the week as far as trying to figuring out a decently fast workflow. The lack of functionality regarding fader sizing issues, rack configurations and workspaces remembering exact layouts is troubling and creates a mess as tracks are added to a reasonably perfect template.

The new mixer is seriously flawed. Attempting to make the mixer ‘better’ SB have made it worse. back to the drawing board guys! Politely please! Musicians are good at listening/ :smiley:

SB are totally aware of the mixer issues and are working hard on the fix an update is due out very soon

I hope so. As it is right now Cubase 7.03 is totally unusable for me. :angry:

It is defo been fixed in the next update as I have got major issues with the mixer and graphics. I have been in touch with one of their tech guys and we have been going back and forth with the issues so hoping its out very soon