(Known issue) Interpolated waveform in Audio Editor offset while drawing/selecting (9.0.30)

  1. New project
    2. Enable “Interpolate Audio Waveforms” in Settings > Event Display > Audio
  2. Add an audio file (e.g. drag it into the project)
  3. Open it in the audio editor
  4. Zoom in until you can see the individual points
  5. Use drawing or selecting tool on waveform
    => Drawing in the waveform happens to the right of the mouse cursor

=> Selecting makes the waveform look offset

This bug remains in Cubase Pro

Persists in 9.0.20

I found out this can only be reproduced when “Interpolate Audio Waveforms” is enabled. Original post edited accordingly.

Persists in 9.0.30

Can someone else reproduce this?

Both issues also happen here.

Romantique coming through with the reproduction… ty!