Known issues with Cubase 7 and MR

Dear MR customers,

during our thorough test cycles we discovered a few incompatibility issues between some of our hardware products and the initial Cubase 7.0.0 release version. We highly recommend that you refer to this corresponding Knowledge Base article if and how your Steinberg hardware product is affected before updating to Cubase 7.

We know that this isn’t great news but it’s our goal to be transparent. Rest assured that we are taking all issues seriously and already scheduled actions to resolve them as soon as possible to make your experience with Steinberg products the best there is.

Best regards,

Stefan Schreiber

And here too! :slight_smile: Thanks again for the increased transparency. I, for one, appreciate it!

Cubase 7 is showing a error message with the Mr816 - Warning-Sample rate not supported by hardware…

This was not listed with kno issues with the MR. Any insight is appreciated.Thanks, Mike

Retina Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.2 / MR816 / Cubase 7

update, listed under know issues.

General Mac OS X issue - switching the sample rate
Under OS X 10.8 it is not possible to switch the sample rate. This issue occurs with all audio hardware interfaces, including the Steinberg CI, MR and UR series.

The sample rate does not switch with the cubase project settings as before, but it is also showing a message

“Warning sample rate note supported by hardware” All settings at 44.1.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Thanks and thanks again for letting us know.

I’ll just avoid the ‘sinking feeling’ I would have got and wait a while!!!

So how do we work around the Sample Rate issue?


I am now on Cubase 7 and wanted to start utilizing it but I run at 48khz…


Very, very disappointed with the sample rate snafu. I swapped my RME Fireface for an MR816 CSX, and they said I was crazy; I said “no, Steinberg makes fully professional hardware”; now, I feel like a laughing stock, with projects I simply cannot open.

What do we do about this?

Cant you just change the sample rate with the MR editor before opening your project?


You were crazy - I swapped my MRs for RME UFX+TotalMix and have never been happier.


I was running Cubase 6.5.3, with MR816 and CC121 under Windows 7 64 Ultimate.
Running great. 6.5.4 was causing problems, hick-ups, so got back to 6.5.3.
6.5.3 is also running smooth under windows 8 pro.

Cubase 7 and MR816X, does not matter windows 7 or 8, is not working.
Can’t play a single project, just hick-ups and stutter.
So frustrating!!!
Any advice?

Best regards and thanks in advance,

Win 7 x64 and C7 x64 with 2 MR816x running like charm, buffer down to 96 and absolutely stable on my i7 DAW…
My only problem: I cannot find the hardware strip in the input channels. Anyone knows how to open it ? Please advice !

I’m selling my MR816X. Anyone wants to buy it? It is in great shape

You’d think that the first thing they would test (and make sure it worked) would be their own hardware and software!

We are still waiting for a solid driver for the MR816.

I am having the Stutter and and drop out problems on MR816csx & Cubase 7 also. Cubase doesn’t shut down properly when this happens and I have to reboot. I got rid of two Motu (had 4) when I switched to 816, both the 8pre and 828mk2 were rock solid and Motu is always updating firmware/driver. Still have Motu Audio Express and I updated the firmware to latest and hooked up tonight…no dropout no reboot just worked TG. I usually use with laptop and there aren’t enough pre’s for me on it but at least I can mix with it.

Also had trouble with 816csx on 6.5.4 and had to roll back to 6.5.3 on Win7 Desktop. My laptop is running 6.5.4 w/no issues using Audio Express

I am really disappointed in Yamaha/Steinberg on this and probably will have to shy away from any other of their hardware. I always judge company by what is done when there is a ‘problem’. SHould have had a solution on book by now…

If Motu (a Mac oriented company) can make their stuff work right on Cubase I am shocked that Steinberg can’t find a way to fix :frowning:

I seriously think, that it is not always the interface or its drivers not working well… Might be your computer hardware and software installation as well…

You seriously think so :laughing:

So I switched to RME interfaces. What a joy. They work without a flaw.
I thought the MR concept was to be trusted since Yamaha was in the picture. Integration of Cubase with a dedicated specially designed interface sounded great to me. Unfortunately it has cost me so much time and frustration. Also to my engineer. It’s terrible to give other people so much headache.
So suddenly it dawned upon me: “Buy RME interfaces.” They have the reputation. And they work great directly from the box. With 96 samples buffer with hardly any latency.
The new RME mixersoftware has excellent monitoring facilities with direct monitoring with rev and eq.

It would have been great if the MR series would have worked. But I’m out.

I’m happy for anyone who has a good working system with the MR. Good for you.
The MR is always great to use as a micpreamp on lightpipe. But maybe get RME to design interfaces and drivers for the Steinberg/Yamaha interfaces in the future?

Same experience as I had. Originally bought 6 MR816s when they first came out believing that an integrated software/hardware system would work. Unfortunately it did not, so I sold 4 of them and bought an RME UFX and connected the remaining 2 MRs to the RME via lightpipe - all problems solved! - The TotalMix software that comes with the RME is totally fantastic.

We are still waiting for a solid driver for the MR816.

good sounding units with not good driver and only 1 updated firmware since it came ? ok thanks but we need more improvments.
channel strip always on top windows not solved, its like no body at steinberg/yamaha hears users need regarding MR units. :imp: