Known issues with Cubase 7 and UR

Dear UR customers,

during our thorough test cycles we discovered a few incompatibility issues between some of our hardware products and the initial Cubase 7.0.0 release version. We highly recommend that you refer to this corresponding Knowledge Base article if and how your Steinberg hardware product is affected before updating to Cubase 7.

We know that this isn’t great news but it’s our goal to be transparent. Rest assured that we are taking all issues seriously and already scheduled actions to resolve them as soon as possible to make your experience with Steinberg products the best there is.

Best regards,

Stefan Schreiber

I was just on the point of buying 7 when I read about this issue. No point buying until it is fixed as I need to use the 64 bit version. When will the fix be out?

Just came to the forum just to check updates before installing CB7 only to read the above…is there an eta for an update driver…just got my CB7 today and a bit gutted my UR interface ain’t gonna play well with my 64bit system… :astonished:

I think during December was previously mentioned.

There is a workaround for Windows if you want to start using C7x64 before the driver update.

Download and install ASIO4all and check it’s working with other software (or earlier Cubase version)
Start C7 with the UR28M switched off, don’t open any project
Make sure “No Driver” is selected as driver if ASIO4all selected switch to No Driver
Switch on UR28M
Select ASIO4all driver
Open project or start new.

Working fine this way…no integrated features obviously.

Cheers Grim …also just noticed 1.1.3 update now available from download page…

good spot! Just checked and the release notes dont mention Cubase 7 though :frowning:

No I tell a lie, it does say:

Steinberg dspMixFx UR28M
V1.1.2 to V1.1.3

  • Now supports Cubase 7.

The announcement of the fix driver (or C7 patch) will be posted here?

A member might post a notice in here, but Steinberg will likely post under the forum “News and Announcement”, as well as under news on the main Steinberg site.

Ah ok, thanks!

Is the “fixed” driver available yet?

Just thought I would offer some feedback on using x2 UR824s and Cubase 7. I have had a few issues that have arisen since I have been trying to use two UR824s, (ADAT connection) and the fine folks at Steinberg have helped with some issues and are still working with me to resolve all of them. Since there is not much documentation about this setup in the manual, I thought some of you may benefit from knowing that when you use two, together connected by ADAT, you need to connect the Word clock via a BNC cable so the audio can sync. At first this didn’t help either but the way I finally got it to work correctly was making the “master” UR824 clock set to external and the “slave” to internal. Then you need to be sure the small switches on the back next to the Word clock connection are set to “IN” for the master and “out” for the slave. That solved my audio dropout issues but the other problems arose when I attempted to use the inputs on the “slave” UR824. The two inputs on the front seemed to work fine but all 6 of the rear inputs would not pass the signal to the input channels on Cubase 7. There was no action on the meters, however, interestingly, I could still hear the audio in my monitors. There were some other issues involving the Control Room and Cue Mixes that did not seem to be routing properly. I’m hoping it was operator error in this case but the new Control Room is so intuitive that I am fairly convinced that it wasn’t me. :slight_smile: I ultimately am trying to arrive at 16 analog inputs, one monitor mix, and 4 stereo cue mixes. This is supposed to be achievable so I guess we’ll see soon enough. I think there may be a few more bugs to be worked out at this point but I will keep posting my progress with Steinberg in hopes it will help someone else. Cheers for now! :nerd:

FYI, I’m running Cubase 7.01, Windows 7 x64, 8GB RAM, I7-1.6GHz, Dell Studio XPS 1645 Laptop

I’m trying to do almost the same thing but with a oktopre and the 824, having also 2 different mixes in the headphones outputs. I will wait for your posts!


Are you saying that the ‘master’, ‘slave’, ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ settings are actually the wrong way round, or am I misunderstanding you?

Basically he is saying that is using the UR824 as slave.

Is anyone still actively working on this setup?