Komplet kontrol Native instruments

I want official support for this keyboard. No more mackie control.
I have to reset the connection every time i start up ant in between when i,am working on a project.
This is such a hassle.

Is this because of the issue listed in the link or something else? Please provide more detail.


Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Mr Pronk,

Reading your list of problem i think that the issues that you have are not the same as mine, but i can be wrong.

Here is a more detailed explanation of the problem i,am having:

I use my keyboard by setting up a mackie control.
This was recommended by native instruments when setting up the komplete kontrol to work.
It doesn’t matter if i restart cubase with the keyboard on.
I just have to select the keyboard for the midi in ant midi out ant push the rest knob every time i start up cubase.
The connection will go from time to time in between using cubase. This will request me to reset the connection.

I think the official support list for midi devices is weak.
I just don’t get that for such a populair keyboard like the komplete kontrol official support is not added.