Komplete 8 Question

My question now is one of using NI components as insert effects, specifically The Finger. I don’t recall seeing anything from NI showing up in the insert effect screen. They do show up on the Virtual Instruments panel (F11) so I’m wondering if I have to sidechain the audio stream into The Finger to get it to process the sound.

Does anyone have any experience with using NI components as insert effects?

I don’t have “The Finger” but could it be a Reaktor module? Try inserting a Reaktor module as an insert effect and then opening “The Finger” in the Reaktor module. If that doesn’t do it, then I don’t know what to try.

Ahhhhh! That may do it. I’m not near the studio PC now so I’ll have to check it later.

Yeah, I believe the finger is a reaktor ensemble. My prism fx show as reaktor prism fx in inserts.