Komplete 9 64 bit plugins don't show


I have just purchased Komplete 9 Ultimate and when I run Cubase 7 in 64 bit, none of the Komplete instruments show up in the VSTi panel.

It’s the first time I have used Cubase 7 in 64 bit mode and I’m sure it must be something simple but I can’t find it.

Thank you.

Make sure the Komplete dll files are being scanned by CB 7. 1st find the folder where they are and make sure in plugin information that folder is being scanned.

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Mac or on Windows? If you are on Windows, are you sure, you installed 64-bit version of plug-ins?

Aloha S,

Another approach would be to also
ask the Komplete 9 folks about this.

Perhaps they have some answers.
(hope this helps)


HI Guys,

Thank you very much for the advice. Just needed to add the folder path to the 64 bit plugins. Nice one CWS.

I now have the whole weekend to get under the hood of K7U.