Komplete 9 instruments not showing up in Cubase 7

I have questions. I installed Komplete 9 today, but Cubase 7 does not see it? I tried updating VST instruments, but no luck. Also after the install my Waves license seems to have disappeared as well. I see comments on “bridging”. How does this work? Windows pro 64bit

native instruments has not installed the plugins to your vst folder. go to- C: drive - program files - native instruments - then copy vst plugins 32 bit or 64 bit and place in steinberg vst folder.

Another solution may be to leave the plug-in files (.dll) where the Komplete installer puts them and add the path to the files in Cubase under “Plug-in Information” VST 2.x Paths. This way, when Komplete updates the files you won’t have to copy/move them again. For Waves, if you are using the 64 bit version of Cubase then I would recommend installing only the 64 version of the plug-in (if one is available).

:smiley: Got IT Thanks! Added the path and Komplete is happy. I went onto Waves site and ran repair download and, lo and behold ,my license showed up on the thumb drive I had originally installed it on. I’m up and Rockin Rollin!
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