Komplete Audio 6 - Soundcard Setup Issue

Hi there!

I posted this on a previous thread but didn’t get a response so just in case it hasn’t gotten picked up I thought I’d repost as a fresh post. Hope that’s ok.

My setup is: Cubase Artist 7, Mac OS Maverick, Komplete Audio 6 external sound card.

I have previously had and run Cubase on Windows 7 but am now setting it up for the first time on Mac and having a bit of a feedback issue with the sound card. Not sure why.

Basic check list as follows:

  • Soundcard runs absolutely fine when I set up a compressor mic in to Input 1 and monitor it via the card’s headphone monitor, so no problem there.
  • Upon selecting Komplete Audio 6 as my audio device in the Devices menu under VST Audio System, rather than the built-in audio option, I go from getting a clean monitor signal to feedback and crackle coming through the soundcard’s headphone monitor. At the same time the left hand channel on Cubase jumps to maximum as per the following link: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/download/file.php?id=8504

I have tried installing the following CoreAudio2ASIO patch:

However this does not seem to have worked entirely. What has happened is that I now see two versions of Cubase in my Finder window: Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5. The 7.5 version was last modified today, which I presume is related to the patch. However, when I try and open it it says that I don’t have a valid license and I need to activate it… so do I really need to go through the whole reactivation process again? If I select the Cubase 7 icon then I can still get in to Cubase and use it, though this is the version that has crackle and nothing really has changed. All seems a bit odd that I need to reregister so I presume I am not on the right path to the final solution and would appreciate some help/ advice.

Many thanks in advance