Komplete keyboard loses it device manager settings


I am trying to configure in Device Manager the Komplete Kontrol S. It works, until you close Cubase. Then, I have to add again the Komplete Kontrol S serie in the Device Manager.

Step to reproduce:
0) Make sure you have a Komplete keyboard listed in Cubase 9’s midi port setup (Windows devices only, no Direct music)

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Add Komplete Kontrol Series
  3. Configure it to make it works
  4. Save your project and close Cubase 9
  5. Reopen Cubase 9 and your project
  6. See in the Device Manager. Komplete Kontrol S is gone. You have to add it again.

But If I do the same with Direct Music instead, it works fine.

My system is:
Windows 10, i7 3730k, 32g ram
Cubase 9.01

Let me know.