Komplete Kontrol A/M-Series won't remove when Cubase restarts.

I have cubase 10.5.12 on Mac Catalina and NI Komplete Kontrol M32.

I don’t want to use Komplete Kontrol A/M-Series Daw Integrate Control (because I’m using other daw controller) so I remove Komplete Kontrol A/M-Series from Studio Setup on Cubase.

However, when I restart Cubase, Komplete Kontrol A/M-Series is still there in Studio Setup. Does it automatically add to cubase when cubase starts?

Does anyone know how to disable DAW integration or remove Komplete Kontrol DAW Control in cubase? Thanks.


Uninstall/remove the component, please.

Hi, Martin,
can you please let me know how to remove Komplete Kontrol DAW Control or in which directory NI installed it?
Michael Moessmer


I’m sorry, I’m not NI Komplete Kontrol user. I would expect, there is a common uninstaller.