Komplete Kontrol A49 integration

I’ve seen some other questions about this with lack luster results.
So I got this new keyboard and I’m trying to get the buttons to work with Cubase Artist 9.5.40 Build 259.
I can get the knobs to work and effect the quick controls, however the transport buttons don’t even light up.
Play, Rec, Stop, Loop, Metro, etc… all dark, no response.
The octave buttons work, so that’s strange.
I’ve been in the “Studio Setup” under “Track Quick Controls” and “VST Quick Controls” (which seem to do the exact same thing to me) and I’m able to assign the knobs (except that one big knob with the clicker) to the quick controls and adjust whatever I want by assigning CC to various knobs around Cubase.
But I’ll select “Komplete Kontrol A DAW” or “Komplete Kontrol A49 Midi” and I’m not sure why my one keyboard has two options to choose from, they seem to do the same thing, the lights don’t turn on and the buttons don’t respond, only the knobs.
Firmware is updated.
The little window in the keyboard says “Template 1 Midi mode”
I’m really just lost and not even sure why what’s working is even working.

Any chance you sorted this out?