Komplete Kontrol Controllers not written in midi

Hey guys,
Can’t find anything on this. I have a Komplete Kontrol 88 mk2 and I would like to write my controllers directly on midi. I think it was the case since a few weeks ago but now nothing is written just the midi notes I put on the keyboard, the modulation wheel / pitch & expression.
When I use my CC nothing can be written in midi. The only solution I have is to record the automation but I’m not used to work like this. Any idea of what has changed for me ? Thanks for your help.
FYI : Cubase 12.0.51

First, I would update Cubase to 12.0.52, as it’s known that there has been issues with the MIDI Remote implementation in the version you are using. 12.0.52 brought fixes for that.

If it’s still not working, what are you using to set your KK 88 as a MIDI control device, the Generic Remote or the MIDI Remote feature ? I guess that it’s the latter (from which my first §) : if so, check in the MIDI Remote Manager that in the MIDI controllers panel, your KK 88 is in it. Otherwise, you are either for doing a MIDI Remote definition dedicated to it, or eventually use another script available in the Scripts one. In the first case, use the MIDI Mapping Assistant to do so.

Hey cubic13. Thanks for your feedbacks. Sounds like it worked to update my Cubase Release. Many thanks to you. Best.

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