Komplete Kontrol Issue

Cubase 10.5 is ok but still not fully working with Komplete (see the useful @GPnicolett reporting on all the bugs) with Komplete, reverted to 10.5.

Thanks @skijumptoes for the ID explanation and workaround it would make sense that they forgot to create a unique ID while duplicating the track or that they forget to update it while send the command to the keyboard, from a developer point of view.

When I currently start a new song that does not need my external midi synths gear, I tend to use S1 for now, as Komplete is also one of my center piece software and hardware in the studio since a while (makes it way easier to switch from one DAW to another depending on the needs).

I updated from 10.5 to 11 last week and suddenly had issues with my KK S 88 Mk1 integration and while searching for known issues i came across this thread.

As from what i have read here, all you guys seem to have issues only with tracks that are already created inside of your projects but may have been temporarely disabled.

In my case, it affects also every newly created track. When i start with a blank project and just create a new instrument track with KK, there is no connection between the KK hardware and plugin. No matter which button pressed on the keyboard, there’s no reaction shown on plugin side. Although the transport buttons seem to work properly inside of cubase.

When i create a second track, chances are, that this will be connected properly. But when i switch between the KK related tracks, none of them will re-connect properly to the specific KK instance.

The bug I’ve documented is that we loose connection when:

1.) Duplicating an existing track
2.) Disabling and Re-enabling a track
3.) Importing a KK track from another project.

No connection at all might point to a setup issue that’s separate from this bug.

Hi, can you help please, how you set up quick control on/off button? Is it permanent for all VSTi or I must do it everytime again for KK track? Thank you!

Same problem in C11 and C10.5. Works fine in C10. Same settings for all.
The page change workaround works for me.
But surely this is a Cubase bug from 10.5 that still hasn’t been fixed.
Have you come up with a solution?

I’m on Nuendo 11 like @zig. It’s strange, because since I last wrote here July 9th, I just finished a huge theatre project, and I’m sure I must have duplicated lots of Komplete Kontrol tracks, but haven’t experienced this problem since then. Every track has been working just fine, with the correct parametres on the Komplete Kontrol keyboard for every track, it seems.

Nuendo 11 (latest version) on MacOS Mojave, and Komplete 11/Kontakt 5…

Still waiting on a fix.

To clarify - the issue started with 10.5.3, which was actually a maintenance update released AFTER 11 was out. Cubase 10.5.2 works fine.

That’s interesting to hear there’s no issue with Nuendo though.

I’m pretty sure there were similiar issues on Nuendo, I just haven’t experienced them the last couple of months, funnily enough. :slight_smile:

Hey guys they seem to have worked on our Komplete Kontrol issues in 10.0.40!! can’t wait to test that at home on a test machine :smiley:

EDIT: Could already test that the duplicate bug as well as template restore bugs are gone for me here, works a treat so far!! I think I’m gonna stop using C10.5 :slight_smile:

Thank you Steinberg, know that you are loved by a bunch of veterans out there !

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Lots of love to Steinberg, thank you for officially fixing this for Nuendo 11.0.40 also!!

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