Komplete Kontrol not following track

The integration with NI Komplete Kontrol 1.9 is not fully working in my Cubase 9.5 (and Cubase 9.5.10) installation on a Windows 10 computer. Controlling transport functions and selecting tracks is working from the Komplete Kontrol keyboard but the instance of Komplete Kontrol on the selected track is not activated. I have to manually select the keyboard symbol in the Komplete Kontrol UI.
Everything was working in previous versions of Cubase and Komplete Kontrol.
Is this only an issue in my environment? I have posted this issue to the Steinberg support a week ago but did not receive any response yet.

Hi and welcome,

This implementation is fully on NI side. Please contact them.

The issue was fixed with the latest update of Komplete Kontrol (1.9.2)