Komplete Kontrol S-Series MK2 Custom Script

Hi, i have a S61 mk2 and a Maschine mk3. I want to use the Maschine mk3 as Controller simular to your (M.C.) . Script. I have Seen there is some sysex out in the Script but i don‘t know if i Can adopt them for the Maschine.

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Hi, unfortunately I know nothing about the Maschine. However, there are some sources on the net, I will pm you.

maschine supports mcu screen, just add a knob and click mcu mode, then if you are in midi mode press shift + knobs, with the api there is maybe even more possible, but i made a total mcu template and it works just fine


I mean add a knob as v-pot in the native instruments control editor, there is then an option called MCU mode - I will also upload my MCU preset if I’m back at my computer, maybe some people find it useful, in my opinion it’s very powerful if you once know all the details, it’s a complete mackie control, in y case even with motor faders cause I added a behringer bcf2000 but it works also without a bcf of course, I just use the v- pots and the flip function makes them volume controls, normally I woukd have make it the other way around but native has no 14 bit pitchbend…

Maschine Studio as MCU.zip (1.8 MB)
here my older Template, i have worked a bit on it and if it´s ready i will upload the newer version


Nice one!
I think it deserves its own thread, not sure if people can find it while searching.

Yes that’s a good idea, I will do that, of you need help with something, try something out or whatever, you can ask me, I own the studio and the new S49 MK3 I will try to work on my template a bit further as said above or if I have some questions can I ask you?

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Just want to add to this thread, as i’ve just tried using the script on Mac.

For anyone unsure on how to disable the original/NI extension, the location of those files are here on Mac:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components

Just remove or zip the two Komplete .bundle files.


Thank you very much my friend, I guess I should have already added this to the pdf file!

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Hey, this is an awesome script with a loooot of potential! I love how thought through it is. And the v-pods work smoother than when I implement them via the API GUI. How is that even possible? Or am I tripping?
However the functionality is actually a little too much for my needs, as I use different controllers for different tasks. Id like to have the Pre-Section and the selected channels fader and pan on the main page, for maximum usability… could anyone help me modify this script? Only because the the encoders work so smoothly…

Hi and thank you for your kind words!
Unfortunately I don’t have time to alter my script so that it will use just one page. However, what I can do, is to add 2-3 pages to the script, which can be fully customized by the user, i.e. you can use mapping assistant for their controls.

Thank you for your quick reply! The mappable pages would be awesome! You’re a hero, man :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

Thanks for your work on this. It seems to be working but I got lost in the instructions at this page…
MIDI ports setup
“Go back to Cubase and after selecting the MIDI Editor Tab click on the big PLUS button:”
Where do I find the MIDI Editor Tab?

Also, is there a way to control the EQ q value with the keyboard control knobs using your script?

Welcome to this forum!

If it works directly, then you don’t need the step for adding the controller manually, so no worries :slight_smile:

Sure. I’m following NI’s way of altering from volume to pan, using Shift+4d Encoder Up.
When we are in the EQ page, by default we are controlling Gain and Frequency. If we now use the above combination, we are controlling Q-factor and EQ type. If we want to move again to the frequency/gain control, we have to hold Shift and this time push the encoder Down

Here’s how it looks like:


Thanks for your quick replay. That works great, Thanks.
Forgive me if I’m asking obvious stuff…

It there a way to control the left most EQ controls (I use them for High or Low Pass filters on every channel)

thanks again :slight_smile:

You mean maybe that you want to control just the low band frequency for all the 8 tracks of the bank zone? Sorry, I don’t quite understand.

Even though they appear in the EQ screen on Cubase, the low/high pass filters sit before the EQ as pre’s. So you’ll find them in the "Input Filter’ page on this mapping.

Thanks. That makes sense, thanks for clearing that up. It’s not working on mine.I don’t think it’s installed correctly or something as the pages seemed messed up. The Eq page works great though.

I don’t think after a;; mine has installed correctly so…

MIDI ports setup
“Go back to Cubase and after selecting the MIDI Editor Tab click on the big PLUS button:”
Where do I find the MIDI Editor Tab?

Since the EQ page is working as expected, the script is properly setup, no need to go to the MIDI Editor Tab, the device is already automatically recognized by Cubase. The instruction is for cases when the recognition is not automatically done, especially in older versions of the script.

Now, when you are in the EQ page (technically it’s actually a subPage) you can navigate to the very next subPage which is the input filter (pregain) for the selected track by turning the 4-d encoder right. You can even move to the next subPages (Gate, Compressor, Tools, Saturation and Limiter) by again turning the encoder right (or left when you want to navigate to the previous subPage). If at any of these subPages you push the encoder, you return to the EQ subPage.

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