komplete kontrol S61 cubase 8.5.20

I have a problem with komplete kontrol S61 it works fine in standalone mode but in my new updated setup, i can’t find it within cubase 8.5 worked fine with my old set up which was mountain lion cubase 7.5.40

ive just updated my osx from mountain lion to Yosemite and my cubase from 7.5 to 8.5.20

i have re installed the software to no avail.


Hi and welcome,

Did you try to update Komplete Kontrol S61 driver (if there is any update available)?

I’m having the exact same problem after updating to Pro from Artist. Was working fine in Artist

You have just updated to Yosemite…?!
This is ancient 2014 OS. No wonder you have problems. You do realise it is 2016… :wink:

Yeh, shoulda been clearer about that. Yeh, talking about now, 2016, updating from Artist 8.0.20 to Pro 8.5.40, KK S61 disappeared from Device Setup as a remote controller. I’m on Sierra. Guess I shoulda just started my own thread…

considering all that is going on in the world, maybe I was hoping it was still 2014… :slight_smile: