Komplete Kontrol S61 stopped working correctly in Cubase


I have a rather large template set up with all tracks being instances of Komplete Kontrol. I have been using a Native Instruments a49 midi controller for the past year, first with Cubase Pro 11 and now 12. A few days ago I upgraded to the S61 keyboard and for some reason, it’s not working right in Cubase.

Day 1 it worked fine. Day 2, it was stuck on the midi function. Not midi mode, but only the “midi” button on the keyboard was highlighted, which means I couldn’t utilize the browser, pre-mapped parameters, or lightguide, which is the reason why I bought this keyboard.

Day 3 which is today, some tracks just show the midi page on the keyboard, while others have the full function. What’s even more weird is when I first open up my template, all tracks work fine, and then when I go to one track and come back, the midi screen shows up again on my keyboard. I can play the instrument, but again, it loses all the other features of the keyboard.

As a heads up, my workflow is simply opening my template, and enabling/disabling tracks. When building this template, I originally duplicated Komplete Kontrol tracks, and from what I read in previous forums, that might be the reason, but there is no way I’m going to redo my template, I have over 400 tracks.

It has to be a Cubase thing, because in Studio One, it works flawlessly.

Can anybody help?