Komplete Kontrol S88 weird behavior

I have a weird problem with my new Komplete Kontrol S88 and the integration with Cubase 12. Everything works as it should except for one thing. If I enter Mixer Mode and adjust the first knob on the left for track one, it sometimes also turns on my sustain pedal. Moving it around some more will eventually turn the sustain off. I Have the sustain pedal programmed to CC64 as per the NI instructions. If I record the track and fiddle with the knob until it turns on sustain, and then go to the list editor, it shows CC14 for a while and then turns to CC64. I downloaded the trial of Ableton Live and recorded it, but there has never been an instance when it turned on sustain.
I think it must be in the Cubase use of the S88. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. I just can’t figure how it is happening.