Komplete Kontrol vst3 v3.7.8 stopped working in Cubase Artist 12 following updates

First of all I am a very occasional user and so when I logged in to finally try and get some R&R of course I was presented with having to upgrade lots of stuff on both the Steinberg - Cubase side as well as the NI stuff through Native Access.

I run Cubase 12 Artist on Mac M1 Mini and primary midi controller is NI Komplete S88 Mk2 keyboard and Komplete 12 libraries.

So upon loading my most recent project in Cubase I was most annoyed that any parts using Komplete Kontrol were silent - essentially midi data was still there and although the instruments appeared to be there - they don’t appear to be able to access the libraries any more.

I have tested it out a bit in a new project in Cubase and essentially I can access the NI libraries using Kontakt 7 player VST but of course without Komplete Kontrol you don’t get the full integration with my Komplete S88 Mk2 keyboard. When I try to switch over to Komplete Kontrol I can preview all the presets but when I try and load any I just get the attached error message in Cubase.


This error message is useless of course because the stand alone Komplete Kontrol application v3.2.1 works fine, and all libraries are up to date using Native Access. Also the plug in is clearly there in Cubase it just won’t load the presets any more.


I would be so grateful if someone can advise how I can get my Komplete Kontrol functionality restored within my beloved Cubase and especially if it means I can pick up my projects a gain in Cubase and everything will load again as it should be.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi, my suggestion is that you do exactly what the warning message suggests:

Open Komplete Kontrol in standalone mode, and let it complete re-scanning the libraries.

Now, since you have Komplete Kontrol MK2 (I have this one as well) here’s what to do upon re-scanning: You will notice that on your MK2 display the progress indicator of the process. Wait till this one disappears. I’ve noticed that Komplete Kontrol VST even in standalone mode doesn’t show this progress anymore, but we can rely on the controller’s display to tell when it really finished with scanning.

Other than that, make sure that you have the latest version of the scanned plugins installed. For example, I had issues with latest versions of Komplete Kontrol with some U-He and Korg VSTs, even with Synapse, and by installing their latest versions, things got back to normal. I must note that this doesn’t necessarily have to do with these plugins, I think that it has to do with the new KK NKS 2 approach.

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Hi there - thank you so much your encouragement to dig a little deeper beyond the error message was indeed the solution. I didn’t see the indicator on my S88 MK 2 scree but - must have been on the wrong screen or something however spurred on by you reply I found under the menu … Edit - preferences there is a library tab and a plugins tab and on each you can manually rescan. I did this on both the standalone and the VST within Cubase and lo and behold everything worked again!!

Thank you for taking the time to reply!