Komplete m32, knobs to control mixer, the banks selection is a mess

Hello, I have no idea how cubase select the bank to determine in what order the channel tracks will be linked to my 8 knobs on my m32
I setup the m32 like the tutorials instructed
But for some reason, the white line that is to the left of the track does not represent at all the order in which my 8 knobs are assigned to the mix faders

Sometimes it will skip some audio tracks for no reason, sometimes the knob 1 will control a track fader that’s outside the white line entirely

I just want to be able to control the selected track with knob 1 is it possible ?

on this video I move only knob 1, and as you can see it does not move the correct fader

I am having the same issues, it appears to be a glitch that renders control surfaces useless.

Have you both tried to use the MIDI Remote feature ? Maybe there are already existing scripts for the m32 device : I think that there is a post from @steve which gives the link where you can check that.

Beside this, I made the scripts for both my MIDI controllers, using only the MIDI Remote manager UI. Beside the ever remaining NRPN recognition issue, they work as expected, here.

@bensmir.hbs : even with a six months delay, there is still a Selected track category in the actions available in the Functions browser of the MR Mapping Assistant. You should be able to find what is needed in it.