Komplete S series Keyboard

Will there be any support to control parameters on the Komplete S series Keyboard range? (Mainstage has none)

What do you mean by that? The keyboard sends MIDI, so you can record/playback, or assign one of the many Devices/Actions to any of its controls (such as Layer volume/pan, Previous/Next Part etc, and later virtually everything).

The Keyboard integrates with various apps such as Logic Pro, Ableton etc, but not Mainstage. There are functions you can control, but it can be a bit confusing, especially if your Macbook is out of direct sight.

with maimstage you must first create “on screen” the controllers you physically have and map them, after which you can assign them to anything. and in this mainstage she is brilliant …

Hi, I have added knobs and buttons, but nothing comes up. It did on Logic Pro.