Kontakt + 10 Instruments are 50% off

Kontakt’s 10 year anniversary.

I just picked up Alicia’s Keys for $60. :smiley:

Yeah! I will get Abbey Road Modern drums for U$ 59,50.

Great deal!

Yeah there’s some really tempting deals there…
Those Kontakt instruments only run in Kontakt or Kontakt player right?

Does anybody know which of these instruments can still be used in Kontakt 4?
I cannot find any system requirements on the NI page.

Strophoid: Yes.

No1DaBeats: The Kontakt 5 Player is a free download. When 4 was released, I got the 4 Player, which coexisted fine with my full version of Kontakt 3. So you should be fine.

I bought Alicia’s Keys piano in the past, and used with Kontakt player 4 (free), in XP SP3. At that time there was no Kontakt 5. Don´t know about the others.

I’m still downloading Abbey road Modern drums (bought it today), but I will use it with Kontakt player 5 (free) in windows 7 32 bits.

I got the 60’s drums since some time now. I love 'em. The only thing that annoys that loading them takes so freaking long.

I wish Alicia’s Keys were downloadable. All they offered was a boxed version.

as for kontakt patches taking ages to load; you do know about the technique of resaving the patches to optimise? it speeds up loading by a great amount. check the manual. i think you can use batch resave to do all your libraries at once. it can make a massive difference! ed

Ok. Thanks for the hint. But I gotta say that the drummer is the only
program that takes forever. The rest is ok even unbatched.

But I’ll give it a try.

OMG Alicia’s Keys is pure silk. Highly recommended.

I love this piano plugin!

I decided to pass on it, I think I’d get more value from a slightly bigger library like the Grand. Go on Steinberg, give me 50% off that :sunglasses:

I presume this probably means Komplete 9 will be out soon. I’m saving for that…

Already? 8 isn’t so old yet…

Or they are getting beat up by the Euro crisis.

Now Komplete 8 is 50% off, upgrade from 2-7 for$113, tempting…but you know 9 is right around the corner, will it be worth waiting, should I buy now, such a dilemna…

WTF? I just bought Komplete 8 seven months ago. :open_mouth: