Kontakt 4 64 bit on Mac?

Thought the new update was 64 bit, but can only get it to load in 32 bit version.

Read the sticky thread Using the Cubase 64-bit version on Mac OS X 10.6 . Its 32 bit by default. Read the thread and you´ll be able to open up in 64-bit. You may run into problems though as some (including myself) have done trying to run C6 64 bit on MAC.

I think I wasn’t clear. I boot C6 in 64 bit mode and try to load Kontakt (also 64 bit). Just freezes, so I have to go back to 32 bit versions.

One more thing. No problems with C6 in 64 bit mode, just when using Kontakt.


did you tried the Kontakt 4 Beta version ?



I will!

I’ll be interested in how you get on - I’ve been using the 64-bit beta in Logic Pro with no problems, so am looking forward to trying it in C6.

It’s worth noting that NI now also have 64-bit beta versions for Absynth, FM-8, Massive and Battery 3.2.

Haven’t put a lot of time in, but it seems to work as advertised. It can play while a large instrument is still loading, and there are some strings from the VSL library that have expression maps that are instantly playable and the sounds are well…VSL.

The beta seems very good to me.

Have they removed the silly limitations on max size of sample in ram? DFD never worked OK for me.