Kontakt 4 multi outputs and Cubase 6

Could anyone point me to a detailed explanation on how to properly set up Kontakt 4 (8 output instrument) to use my RME Fireface UC’s 8 outputs?
Thank you very much in advance!

hi :slight_smile:

instead of telling you the exact content of both kontakt and cubase 6 manual do you have a specific problem with this configuration ? what are you already doing ?
basiclly you need to configure the default output of kontakt with it’s “output” tab. and set all the desired outputs (stereo or monos) for your 8 instruments
these outputs will be send to cubase.
in cubase you must activate all these outputs (only output 1 is set by defaut) you do this by clicking the little arrow left of your kontakt VSTi in VST instruments.
now you see in cubase all your VSTi tracks and you must set the outputs of these tracks to your RME outputs (of course that means these outputs are correctly set in your “VST connexions” setup.

you can also set your cubase tracks to go to your stereo out for easy monitoring and put a send on the tracks you need to be sent to your RME output (pre or post fader as you wish)