Kontakt 5 blacklisted after Mac reboot

Hello guys!
My Kontakt has been blacklisted in cubase 10.5 and when I attempt to reactivate it from the Plugin-VST Manager, cubase crashes

on the blacklist in the comment section it says “Unknown”

Kontakt has always worked fine on Cubase (and still does on other DAWs and in standalone) until 2 days ago when I rebooted my Mac (I usually keep it in standby mode)

I thought this was due a OSX update…but I didn’t update and the automatic updates are disabled.

For the records:
This issue occurs also on Dorico 3.5 and in its forum section we found that it may have to do with the Apple System Integrity Protection…
So I’ve experienced this issue on Dorico since I bought it, but not in Cubase untill 2 days ago

any hints?

My Kontakt 5 STILL WORKS on CUBASE 9.5