Kontakt 5 Crashed Cubase 9.5

Hello all,

I was working with Cubase 7 up until a while ago. I had a rather large project file with several instances of Kontakt. Last week, the project decided to stop opening; Cubase would take the 10 minutes to load up everything and then offer a “Cubase encountered a problem” dialog box. After some research, I nailed down that Kontakt was causing the issue.

The problem is, the only solution anyone has been able to offer as far as I can tell is to disable Kontakt. This is not an option for me. I am an orchestral composer and I work 95% with Kontakt samples.

I tried all sorts of other work-arounds:

  • Restart computer (worked once, then stopped working)
  • Open Cubase by itself, and then load the project (worked once)
  • Open Cubase in safe mode (worked a couple times, then stopped working)
  • Update Kontakt (did not work)

Finally, I gave up and spent the $200 to update to Cubase 9.5, hoping that the issues would be solved, and voila! The file opened. Twice.

And now today the problem has started up again, exactly the same as before.

I don’t know why all this expensive software just decides to stop working, but it is unbelievably frustrating; actually, infuriating. I’m missing deadline after deadline because of this. I filed a ticket with tech support, but nobody’s contacted me yet and it’s been several days.

So I open this problem to y’all. Any thoughts?


Could you share (via Dropbox or similar) the crash dump, if it’s generated.

Thanks for responding Martin.

Looks like I can’t find logs for the Cubase 9.5 crashes; here are a few logs from when I was using 7.5 and the same thing was happening last week.


Thanks y’all.


I’m sorry, I can’t work with so old DMP files.

Have you tried in the Safe Start Mode?

Yes, it worked a couple times in 7 and then stopped working. Hasn’t worked at all in 9.5.

Bump - any thoughts folks?

We know nothing about your computer. What are your specs? What’s your OS? Is the OS fully updated?

If I was in you, after all those attempts to make it working with no results, I would run a clean OS installation. I know it’s annoying reinstall everything but I think that will fix it. Or least if you have a spare HD go for a new OS installation, install Cubase and Kontakt and see if that will solve the issue.
Win 7 Win 10 for what i know works fine with Cubase 9.5 and Kontakt. Did you try to uninstall completely Cubase ,clean up, then reinstall the latest?

For some unknown reason last 2-3 updates of Kontakt through Native Access (even the last one before 5.8.0) are installing Kontakt 64 bit to the 32 bit vst folder and Kontakt 32 bit to the 64 bit vst folder, resulting crash of Cubase 9.5. Can you please check if the proper Kontakt version is to the proper folder?