Kontakt 5 crashes after destructive sample editing

Hey hey,

After some destructive sample editing (ie. deleting parts of a sample) on Kontakt 5, Cubase crashes.

1.) Open New project
2.) Open Kontakt 5
3.) drag a sample into Kontakt
4.) delete some parts of the sample (ie. before S marker and a little after, etc.)
5.) save the project
6.) name your project
7.) Kontakt prompts “The patch contains volatile samples from an import or destructive sample editing! Do you want to re-save the affected samples? (Choosing no will NOT save the respective zones!)”
8.) Kontakt+Cubase crashes, unable to select “Yes” or “No”

Am i doing something wrong here?

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Confirmed here. To avoid such a crash you need to save you new kontakt instrument first.

thats bad, I just had the same problem over and over again.
in my case, saving the new instrument first didnt do the trick, while trying to save it crashed.
thats really nasty!

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