Kontakt 5 missing plugin issue in Cubase 5

Hi All,

Hope someone may be able to help with the issue I’m currently having:

Having recently spent several hours on a track using Kontakt 5 within Cubase 5, I went back to work on it a couple of days after only to find that Cubase is now telling me that Kontakt 5 is missing. In the plug-in information section, all my other versions of Kontakt appear to be fine (I also have versions 3 and 4 installed from older projects) however under the ‘Vendor’ heading for Kontakt 5 it now says that ‘Steinberg’ rather than ‘Native Instruments Gmbh’ and under the ‘File’ heading it now says ‘Cubase.exe’ instead of Kontakt 5.dll. I have tried the ‘update plug-in information’ option but to no avail, and between working on the track I have made no changes to my PC at all. This has now also happened to another track using Kontakt 5, and consequently I am currently unable to work on either of them. I am a long time user of Cubase (22 years ish) and have never come across this issue before. Has anyone else come across this? any help greatly received…