kontakt 5 not being seen by cubase pro 9

Hi steinberg please dont fob me off that this problem doesnt exist
i have been on this all day
i have re installed kontakt 5 and put the dll into every vst folder i can find from 32 bit to 64 bit
and cubase 9 still has 0 results found when scanning
now the people i have spoken to on the facebook forums have said that theyre copys are working ,
and you have even quoted that it may be an issue with kontakt
if this where the case then it wouldnt work on version 8.5 which it does
im really annoyed with you now as i have bought version 9 and installed the update but i still cannot run kontakt in the vst manger
please help im at the end of my teather
i can see kontakt in black listed but its only seeing the 32 bit version which i understand is no longer able to run
please help im desperate


Make sure 64-but version of Kontakt is installed.

Did you setup Plug-in Manager so it scans the folder, where is Kontakt installed by default?