Kontakt 5 player not found in Cubase Elements 9 with UR44

Hi everybody, my first time here, hope not to sound to silly.

I just switched to a new system (windows 10 with i7 4.2 8core, 256 ssd and 32 gb of ddr4, I use Steinberg UR44) and I am reinstalling my Cubase Elements 9 and the plugins (I only buy, no cracked software, everything seems to be working fine), so I decide to enter in the great world of Kontakt.
I installed the player and a small free library, it works as stand alone but I have to major problems:

  1. UR44 drivers don’t work in Cubase if I open Kontakt first, and the opposite, they don’t work in Kontakt if I enable them in Cubase.
  2. I cannot see Kontakt in Cubase, I believe it should work as Groove Agent or Halion, as a VST, but it’s simply not there.

I don’t know if I have to use UR44 as the midi source (I am not familiar with Midi at all) so that might be the problem?

Excuse me I’m pretty new to all of this and don’t know what to do.

(I edit so you don’t waste precious time: a friend suggested to search the .dll files that Kontakt installed in a folder that Cubase would not find and move them in the proper one, everything seem to work now. thank you anyway, I will bother you in the future, for sure.) :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

  1. Yes, you cannot share one ASIO driver over multiple applications. You have to run NI Kontakt as a plug-in inside Cubase.

  2. Make sure you set the correct path in the Plug-in Manager. Native Instruments installs its plug-ins to the specific path(s).

Thank you Martin, I solved the problem moving the Vsts in the proper folder, it couldn’t find them.
Then I upgraded to Kontakt 5, nice.