Kontakt 5 won't play when session is copied

I’m having a problem with Kontakt v5.5.2, OS X 10.9.5, Nuendo 7.0.35. i have this setup on my work computer ( a new Mac Pro with 32 GB RAM) and my home computer (a 2010 Mac Pro with 24 GB RAM). When I start a project on my home computer, then copy it to my work computer, no Kontakt 5 tracks will play - I just get no sound from them. If I make a new instance of Kontakt and copy the midi to it, then it plays. This only happens with Kontakt, no other VI’s. What could be causing this?

Not sure if this is the same issue I’ve experienced…but muting and then un muting kontakt’s output fader in the inspector has worked for me. Do you hear anything when you solo the kontakt track?

No I don’t hear anything when I solo the track. I’ll try muting/unmuting, thanks.