Kontakt 6.6.1 VST3 fixed?

I noticed a recent Kontakt update to 6.6.1. Does anyone know if this fixes the VST3 problem? Thanks.

What are you referring to?

Hi Steve. There was in issue with Kontakt’s 6.6.0 VST3 installation that broke a few things including how some Spitfire and other instruments behaved. The recommendation was to delete the kontakt.vst3 file and kontakt would revert to VST2 - which worked fine. Now Kontakt has been updated and I was wondering if this issue was fixed with the update. Thanks. EDIT: from the Native Instruments site regarding this (please note CUBASE is at the top of the list): Official update status - Kontakt 6 – current: 6.6.1 | NI Community Forum