Kontakt 6.7.1 hangs Dorico 4.0.31

I am trying to use the trial version of Dorico 4 on M1 Macmini 2020 running Big Sur 11.6.5, but it crashes every time I try to instantiate the Kontakt plugin. I use Kontakt almost exclusively for playback. This version of Kontakt is now M1 compatible. I cannot find any location within Dorico to manually scan or exclude VST plugins or troubleshoot. I have already run the VST cache clearing to no avail. Kontakt runs fine on Ableton LIVE and Logic Pro. I have not done anything to Kontakt to change its relationship to Dorico. Kontakt opens fine on Dorico 3.5.12. Please help. Thanks.

To help us troubleshoot this, could you run Activity Monitor, and when you instantiate Kontakt, then select in turn the VST Audio Engine and Dorico processes in Activity Monitor and choose Sample Process from the menu in Activity Monitor’s toolbar, then zip up the resulting text files and attach them here?

It might also be instructive for you to do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from inside Dorico and attach the diagnostics here – perhaps the audio engine is crashing when you instantiate Kontakt, in which case these logs will give us a further clue.

I started Dorico with Activity Monitor open. The VST Audio Engine was active until I selected Kontakt, at which point it disappeared immediately. So I was not able to “Sample Process.” I did sample the Dorico though. Since this problem crashes Dorico, I am only able to save the Diagnostic Report upon freshly launching Dorico without instantiating Kontakt. I have attached both of those here.
DORICO KONTAKT CRASH - Oliver.zip (1.9 MB)

Hi @intelligentlife , thanks for the data. Contained in the diagnostics is a folder called Crashes. In there are several crash files of the VSTAudioEngine. 3 of them clearly show a crash in Kontakt and 2 of them in East West Play. So those are crashes in the plug-ins and there is nothing that we can do about.
Please get in contact with Native Instruments and East West and also send them the mentioned crash files. Only they can make sense out of the crash files and fix the underlying problem.

Thanks Ulf. The problem with Kontakt was solved just by reinstalling the software. No need to contact NI. EWSL PLAY is intel only and that’s why that was crashing the program. So the solution to the problem was to reinstall Kontakt and use Dorico 4 in Rosetta.

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