Kontakt 6 Crash in Cubase11

I updated Cubase 10.5 to 11.
and then I have some plug-ins error.

  1. Kontakt 6 (6.4.2 newest ver.) crash (on Cubase 11, Windows 10)
  • but still working in Cubase 10.5
  1. Some other plugins Error
  • Ample Guitar plugins not working perfectly.
  • IK multimedia plugins (Philharmonik 2, Sampletank3) make error messages “A serious problem has occurred …”
  • Addictive Drums 2 make error messages.

please Can you help me?

Hi and welcome,

Could you please provide the *.dmp files?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Here is my Cubase 11 Crash dump file.
It was in “C:\Users\SOUND\AppData\Local\CrashDumps”
Check please



Sorry, Access Denied. Could you share it with all people with the link, please?

If the file wasn’t in the location I mentioned, then it’s probably not the *.dmp file. Cubase places own *.dmp files to the folder I mentioned.

sorry, I changed it to all. 1 more check please.
Thanks Martin.


would love to get a resolution to this issue. Same for me, C Pro 11 updated to 11.0.10, Kontakt 6.5.1. Kontakt will open as standalone. All other NI products work no problems in Cubase. Everytime try to load inst. track with Kontakt, crash. Try to open previous project that used Kontakt, crash. Very FRUSTRATING!!

Same combination here works fine.

You can’t update things right away and expect to not be frustrated. I upgraded from 10 to 10.5 a few days before 11 was released and probably won’t upgrade to 11 until 11.5 is released.

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I understand certain issues can arise from upgrades. This however is one of those things where it was working fine just a few days ago to all of a sudden, months of projects now won’t open and nothing seems to have changed. I’ve had Pro 11 since it’s release and this issue happened just since last week.

There was a bug (new feature how Kontakt handles missing samples for all kontakt instances) that caused the crash of Kontakt 6.5 when it needed missing samples. Was fixed in K6.5.1. K6.4 and now 6.5 are working fine here on both C11/0 and 11.10

Windows 10 Pro / Cubase 11.0.10 / Kontakt 6 (latest update) / AMD Ryzen 7 5800x

No issues at all with Kontakt 6

have you tried opening the projects in safe mode with prefrences disabled>

I have the exact same issue with Cubase Pro 11 and Kontakt 6.5.2.
Trying to load a Kontakt instance crashes Cubase instantly, no dialogs, no warnings…
I did move samples to a different drive, but relocated them properly with Native Access and inside Kontakt.
Everything is fine in the standalone…
And: Cubase doesn’t create any crash dumps in the aforementioned folder!


Yes, I did that also.

@YourMusic.Pro Did you find a solution?

No, not yet. I did an extensive troubleshooting session with the maker of the library affected, but we couldn’t find the issue.
I’m currently waiting to hear from NI directly…