Kontakt 6 Crashes Nuendo 10

I had this same issue in Cubase 10 and 10.5. Now I get it in Nuendo 10.2.10.

Kontakt 5 works great, no problems. However, Kontakt 6 will work for a little while but then loading any library causes it to crash Nuendo. I had stopped trying to get K6 to work smoothly but since I’ve been using Nuendo since NAMM I thought I’d try again. Nope, same crashes.

Anybody else?

On my rigs K6 works flawlessly, but I work only on a couple of libraries, I almost never change them or try another one.
Maybe your crashes have to do with the output-bus-structure your instance of K6 is set to? Maybe this doesn’t match with the output-bus-structure in this “new” library?
By the way: do the crashes happen in both Rack Instruments as well as Track Instruments?

Sometimes I have Komplete Kontrol saying it’s not possible to load some library (yeah; I do experiment sometimes), and that seemed related to K6-libraries of which the wallpapers didn’t load properly. Mostly libraries from manufacturer “8DIO”.

Maybe this helps your find the cause of your crashes.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Thanks, Niek! I’ll keep trying.