Kontakt 6 installation

I can’t connect Cubebase Ai to Kontakt 6. How do I do it?

You may misunderstand the terminology.
Open Cubase
Right click to “add instrument track”
Choose Kontakt from the list of virtual instruments

Thank you so much. Kontack doesn’t show up as an option in VST list

I installed Kontakt 6 player and it show up in Cubase but I cant assign any instruments.
Do I need the full version of Kontakt?

What does “can’t assign any instruments” mean?

You should be able to add an instrument track with Kontakt Player in it, and then open that up. From within that interface, you should be able to load the instruments that are supported by the Player.

I suggest going to youtube and look at some tutorials on using Kontakt as well as how to use it in Cubase. It sounds like you haven’t used this stuff before (no problem by the way, we’ve all been there). You are heading down a path of a thousand questions one question at a time. A good load/use Kontakt tutorial will answer a great deal of them.

Here’s a good starter one.

Thank You So Much. In Kontakt Player I can open it from inside Cubase by add instrument but it does nothing. I cant open the libraries, I cant see the keyboard I cant load any instruments. I have 2 sets of libraries that show up on the left panel. When I click database lots of instruments show up but none will load. I’ve searched the internet for weeks I can’t get it working. Thank You so much for your help.

I got it working now. Thanks for your help everybody.

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