Kontakt 6 no sound

I recently bought and downloaded Scoring Guitars 2 and Kontakt 6 (on sale for $199 right now), from Native Instruments. This is my first Native Instruments/Kontak experience.

It loaded and installed without incident a but I get no sound from it even though, as you can see in this screenshot, the level meters on the instruments respond to keypresses on my MIDI keyboard. If I leave my finger on a key it continues to plays a phrase which can be seen as the level varies up and down until I lift my finger. It does not respond to events in the Key Editor. All my other instruments, e.g., Lounge Lizard electric piano VST shown in the screenshot, function normally.

So I assume there’s some routing problem. Anyone here with any experience with Kontakt have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

PS - - - Someone is bound to ask about the output settings so here they are . . .

I tried checking Kt.aux1 but it made no difference, but when I tried to UN-check it I got a truncated dialog box from Cubase, as seen here. How do I display it full-size so I can confirm the un-check? I’ve had persistent problems with Cubase mis-sizing windows - how do I end that? My display is set to HiDPI - I’m running on a 4K 32" monitor and NVidia Quadro Pro RTX 4000.

Monitoring is off…?

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